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Can an HVAC System Affect Your Sleep Quality?

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  • Can an HVAC System Affect Your Sleep Quality?

25 July

Can an HVAC System Affect Your Sleep Quality?

A properly functioning HVAC system will keep your indoor environment comfortable. Keeping a consistent temperature during both the day and night can not only keep you happy during the day, but it can have great impact on the quality of your sleep. If your heating and cooling system can't keep up to the demands of summer humidity or winter cold snaps, its no surprise that it can impact the quality of your sleep.

Keeping your HVAC system running at optimal condition will ensure you are creating the proper environment to get the best shot at a good night's sleep.

Cooler temps at night are often a preference because during sleep the body's core temperature drops by a couple degrees. By utilizing a programmable digital thermostat, not only can you save in energy bills, but you can create the best night environment conducive to better sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a temperature between 60 - 67 degrees fahrenheit (16 - 19 celsius) for sleep.

In the dead of summer humidity can certainly play a factor in your home. A fine-tuned AC should be able to keep up to the demands of high humidity. If it can't you can always have an expert check if the sizing is appropriate for your home, or invest in adding a permanent dehumidifier to your system.

Lastly, noisy HVAC systems, exposed lighting and unfiltered air can all have negative impacts on your sleep quality. Ensure your system is maintained to eliminate problematic noises, filters are kept clean regularly for optimal air quality and that any lights on the system are not exposed and keeping you awake.

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