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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your HVAC System?

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  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your HVAC System?

25 Dec

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your HVAC System?

Have you ever wondered if something happens to your furnace or AC are you covered under homeowners insurance? The short answer is, it depends! The best and most obvious way to ensure your HVAC system is covered in your home dwelling insurance policy is to ask your insurance representative.

Some policies will include the HVAC system as part of the home structure which include fixtures and utilities. Talk to your rep to ensure your HVAC system is considered a fixture and is included as such instead of categorizing it as property within your home.

Homeowners insurance to intended to help in events like weather damage, fire, and damage from unforeseen impact. HVAC damage due to old age or regular wear will not be covered. If your insurance feels your HVAC system has been neglected they might also fail to cover it. It is best to save copies of work orders or receipts to prove your system has been taken care of and well maintained.

One of the most common caused of AC damage to homeowners os hail damage or falling trees. Ask your insurance rep if these events were to ever happen, if your system is covered under your policy. If you are a new homeowner, or if you are shopping around for new insurance companies, make sure you add your HVAC system to your list of questions you have in order to make an informed decision.

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