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How to Ensure Your AC is Running at Max Efficiency

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  • How to Ensure Your AC is Running at Max Efficiency

28 Apr

How to Ensure Your AC is Running at Max Efficiency

Hot temps are on the way. It won't be long before we are relying on our ACs to keep us safe, and comfortable. Before we get too far into the warm season, there are a few things you can do to ensure your AC is ready for the upcoming workload.

Visual Operation
A good way to check for malfunctions is to simply observe how your AC is running. Your AC should run for a period of time then shut down when the desired temp is reached. If you find that the unit continues to run for prolonged amounts of time without shutting off or lowering temps, that could be an indicator it needs service.

Temperature Fluctuation
A properly working AC should cool your home evenly. If you experience hot and cool spots, there could be airflow issues with your ductwork. Ensure your ducts are sealed and functioning properly to avoid overworking your cooling unit.

Odd Sounds
ACs do make noise - some more than others depending on the make. Familiarize yourself with the usual and unusual sounds of your unit. If you hear banging, clicking, squealing or anything else thats odd, it may require service.

Thermostat Test
With a thermometer, compare the temps of your air intake vent to your register vents. The air the ducts are blowing should be much cooler than the air entering the intake vents.

Dirty or clogged filters are the most common issue that causes AC malfunctions. A filter change is recommended frequently to ensure clean, effective airflow. If after a few months the filer doesn't look dirty to the eye, it is still recommended to change.

Inspect Outdoor Unit
Ensure the outdoor unit is clean and free of debris. Check to see that the fan are properly working. Check for unusual noises that may signal a need for service.

Evaporator Coils
The coil is the part that absorbs the incoming hot air. Over time a coil can get plugged and prevent your AC from cooling properly. Have an experienced technician observe if a coil cleaning is necessary.

Scheduled Regular Maintenance
It is always recommended to have a professional HVAC tech inspect your cooling unit before you rely on it each season. Maintenance contracts are a great service that ensure your don't forget about your HVAC equipment before it's too late.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we are experts at spotting any AC problem. We offer seasonal maintenance and on demand service calls. If your AC doesn't seem to be functioning 100%, call us at (204) 953-5700 to schedule a service call today!

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