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23 Dec

Twas The Night Before Christmas (HVAC Edition)

Twas the night before Christmas, and the house had turned cold, The furnace stopped working, and it wasn't that old...

Tag: General HVAC
25 Nov

What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleeping?

Ever find yourself lying in bed during the dog days of summer and the heat is preventing you from sleeping? What about shivering as you try to fall asleep in the dead of winter? Temps play a huge role in our ability to comfortably fall asleep. There is a lot of science behind optimal sleep temps related to quality of sleep. So what is the best temperature to fall asleep to? Here is what sleep experts have to say...

Tag: General HVAC
25 Oct

Top 4 Considerations Before Going Ductless with Your HVAC System

Ductless heating and cooling systems (also know as ductless heat pumps or mini split systems) are all the rage right now in the HVAC world. They get good grades at using minimal energy and don't require duct work to distribute air. Ductless systems report they can reduce electrical heating costs by 25% - 50%. Sounds good, right? Although this all seems good, there may be homes that this may not be a good fit for. Here are a few considerations when thinking about going ductless.

Tag: General HVAC
25 Sep

The History of Modern HVAC

Today's HVAC industry is equipped with the most up to date technologies. Change the temp from the other side of the planet, schedule adjustments in heating or cooling, notifications on filter changes and orders, just to name a few. Heating and cooling systems have become amazingly energy efficient and keep us safe and comfortable over the change of seasons. Have you ever wondered how the industry progressed since the invention?

Tag: General HVAC
25 Aug

How to Tell if your Furnace is Energy Efficient

When the cold season hits, running your furnace full time boosts your monthly energy bill. A big contributor to that cost is how much energy your furnace uses. Wouldn't it be nice to know if your furnace is running at the most optimal energy setting possible?

Tag: Heating
25 July

Signs of a Trustworthy HVAC Company

Not all HVAC companies are created equal. There are a lot of companies to choose from, but few live up to the hype they market. When choosing a reputable company you can trust, here are 4 things to look for...

Tag: General
25 June

Keeping Your AC Coils Clean

Since the invention of the modern AC in 1902, these units have been keeping homes cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, these units require some level of basic maintenance - including regular cleaning. AC coils are an important piece of the cooling system that require cleaning from time to time...

Tag: Cooling
25 May

Home Humidity Levels and Comfortability

Much like temperature, indoor humidity levels that are too high or too low can have a physical impact on our life. In winter when humidity levels are low, we struggle with static, chapped lips, nosebleeds and staticky cloths. In the summer when humidity levels are high, it can be a breeding ground for mould...

Tag: Cooling
25 Apr

5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy Costs this Summer

Energy consumption occurs as much in the summer as it does in the winter. We can overlook the use of energy during the summer months when it comes to more laundry, charging devices, AC use and so on. By really paying attention to our habits, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%...

Tag: Cooling
25 Mar

Striking a Balance between Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

There are generally two trains of thought when we consider our indoor climates - air quality and energy efficiency. Both are important, but balance is needed. With new homes built seemly airtight, allowing for max efficiency, the trade off becomes air quality. The more sealed a home, the more indoor pollutants can get trapped inside...

Tag: Clean Air
25 Feb

10 Considerations When Buying a New Furnace

Your furnace is on its last breath, struggling to keep up to the cold temps. You've been putting off the investment, but know its time. There are so many options. What should you be looking for? Talk to professional HVAC companies and go over these ten topics that should reveal what exactly the right fit for your home is...

Tag: Heating
25 Jan

Benefits of a 2-Stage Furnace

When you are shopping around for a new furnace, your HVAC sales rep will probably try to sell you on the idea of a 2-stage furnace. Before you jump to conclusions and consider this purly an up-sell, really listen to what they have to say. A 2-stage furnace will be a little more of an investment, but over its lifetime, will probably pay for itself...

Tag: Heating