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News - Hot Water

25 Dec

Understanding Rust on your Hot Water Tank

When water contacts metal over long periods of time, rust is inevitable. Water heaters are in constant contact with water as they hold a large supply to provide your home with the convenience of hot water on demand. With proper upkeep and maintenance your hot water tank should be good for many years. But when rust happens...

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25 Nov

Hot Water Tank Temperature Settings

Your hot water tank has a vital role - conveniently supplying your whole home hot water on demand. There is a setting on your tank that controls how hot your water is stored at. Typically, new water heaters come from the factory pre-set to a temperature of 140 degrees fahrenheit. Some hot water professionals...

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25 Jul

Should You DIY Your Hot Water Tank?

Changing our your hot water tank might seem like an easy DIY job. It could save you a few dollars, even though the time it takes could be plentiful. We assure you, hiring a professional is a much safer option. Your hot water tank is one of the most dangerous appliances in your home.

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28 Apr

8 Signs Your Hot Water Tank is About to Expire

There are multiple reasons why home owners replace their hot water systems. It could be to move to a more cost-effective, energy-efficient model. It could be that the amount of hot showers in the morning are dwindling, or it could be because your tank has sprung a leak and covered your basement with water.

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23 Nov

Deciding on Water Heaters: Natural Gas or Electric?

The decision to heat your home's water supply by natural gas or electricity is a common one. Though each option has its own pros and cons, decisions are usually driven by the home's specifications like structure, code and energy supply. In North America, on average 60% of homes use natural gas to heat their water while 40% use electricity.

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2 Feb

Selecting Your Next Hot Water System

Is it time to replace your hot water tank? When selecting a new hot water system for your home, there are several items to consider. Your new unit should be properly sized to supply sufficient amounts of hot water based on your lifestyle, keep your water hot efficiently to give you the best energy cost and fit within your home’s specs and budget.

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