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22 Dec

The Importance of Working with an Accredited HVAC Company

There are many, many options out there in the world of HVAC. Home owners have a large pool of companies to service their furnaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks and electrical needs. Many of those options even find their way on your doorstep trying to solicit those services with 'too good to be true' prices.

Tag: General HVAC
24 Nov

8 Home Heating Tips for Your Holiday Party

If you plan on hosting a holiday get-together over the Christmas season, you may think that food, drink and decorations are all you need to think about. However, with temps dipping as low as 30 below, you shouldn't forget about the comfort of your guests - and that begins with your heating system. We have a few suggestions to keep your guests comfortable while they enjoy a wonderful holiday party.

Tag: Heating
25 Oct

5 Qualifying Questions to Ask Your Next HVAC Company

Before selecting an HVAC company to do work on your home's energy system, there are a number of deciding factors that you need to take into consideration. Heating, cooling and hot water systems are critical for your family's well-being and should be given an appropriate amount of attention. Often, home owners make knee-jerk decisions that are based solely on price without actually comparing 'apples to apples.' There are many good HVAC companies out there to choose from, however there are twice as many you should stay away from.

Tag: General HVAC
28 Sep

Control Your Home on the Go with a Nexia Smart Home System

We live in a wonderful time in regards to technology. Since the launch of the smart phone, gone are the days we need to worry about 'what temp did I leave the thermostat on?' during your 2-week vacation. The digital era has made getting away much easier and much more stress-free. Technology has carried over into the HVAC industry and provides some really amazing, cost-saving advances. One of our favourite, and most popular Smart HVAC products is the Nexia DIgital Smart Home Thermostats.

Tag: General HVAC
28 Aug

Understand SEER Rating Before Making a Purchase

During any consultation with an HVAC salesman, the topic of SEER rating will come up. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and basically refers to how energy-efficient the system is. With monthly energy costs being a large part of our living expense, it is extremely important to look for a unit that will run as cost-effective as possible.

Tag: General HVAC