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25 Feb

10 Considerations When Buying a New Furnace

Your furnace is on its last breath, struggling to keep up to the cold temps. You've been putting off the investment, but know its time. There are so many options. What should you be looking for? Talk to professional HVAC companies and go over these ten topics that should reveal what exactly the right fit for your home is...

Tag: Heating
25 Jan

Benefits of a 2-Stage Furnace

When you are shopping around for a new furnace, your HVAC sales rep will probably try to sell you on the idea of a 2-stage furnace. Before you jump to conclusions and consider this purly an up-sell, really listen to what they have to say. A 2-stage furnace will be a little more of an investment, but over its lifetime, will probably pay for itself...

Tag: Heating