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The Best Thermostat Settings for Winter

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  • The Best Thermostat Settings for Winter

25 OCT

The Best Thermostat Settings for Winter

One of most families controversial topics... thermostat settings! To help keep the peace, we will discuss what heating experts recommend for thermostat settings during the inter months. What should the temperature be set at? Does the placement of my thermostat effect what the temp should be set at?

Experts in the industry recommend a thermostat should be ideally set to 68 degrees fahrenheit (or 20 degrees celsius). According to that temp is a perfect room temperature for hours you are awake at home. If you are looking to save on your month;y energy bills, they also recommend lowering the thermostat settings anywhere from 5-10 degrees each night while you are sleeping. With a programmable thermostat you can adjust the temps an hour before you wake in the morning and never know the difference. EnergyHub estimates that for each degree you lower your heat, you could save 1% per degree! Popular Science also backs up EnergyHub's recommendations.

Where is the best location for my thermostat? There are many opinions on this, but there are 2 big factors to consider. First, try and locate the thermostat near the centre of your home. Second, install it near the place of the most commonly used rooms. Placement can have a big influence on your energy consumption. Avoid placing your thermostat too close to the heat/cooling source as this could create an uneven environment in other areas of your home. Also, avoid placing the thermostat in areas that have direct sunlight, near vents, in the kitchen or near windows and doors.

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