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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

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25 August

HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

We love our pets. Even though they leave fur in ever nook and cranny, they are our extended family. We gladly put up with bite marks on furniture, shoes and clean up after them. However, HVAC maintenance does have extra challenges because of our four-legged friends. Fur, pet dander and other things can create problems for your indoor air quality. Having pets does require us to pay a little more attention to our HVAC systems.

Bath and Groom Often
Regardless of the type of pet you own, dander usually comes with them. By having a regular grooming routine, you can better manage the amount of dander that they shed. Grooming also lessens the amount of shedding your furry friend will do indoors - helping to keep fur and dander from entering your ducts and plugging your filter.

House Cleaning
Sweep and vacuum often. By having a regular house cleaning routine, you are better preventing fur and dander from entering your home's ductwork and plugging your HVAC system's filters. When filters become clogged, it becomes less energy efficient, resulting in higher monthly costs, and looses performance - keeping you less comfortable.

Air Purification
Pet dander can be difficult to control - so you may need backup. By investing in an air purifier, you are bettering your chances to filter out dander, as well as other pollutants like dust and pollen from being circulated indoors. This will increase the air quality for you and your pets.

Thermostat Settings
Programmable digital thermostats are a great tool for saving you money. They can be programmed to use your HVAC system less when you are away, then set to create the perfect temps upon your return. This can be very energy efficient, however keep in mind that your pets area t home all day long - wearing a fur coat. Make sure the changes in temps are suitable for their needs while you are away.

If you have questions about air purification or digital thermostats that you think could better the indoor environment for your family and pets, give us a call any time at (204) 953-5700. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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