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Furnace Problems - Little or Big?

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  • Furnace Problems - Little or Big?

25 Sept

Furnace Problems - Little or Big?

When installed correctly, generally your furnace will operate without problems. With annual preventative maintenance you are giving your furnace the best, longest life and identifying problems before they happen. From time to time issue do come up. How can you tell the difference between the need for regular repair compared to emergency repair?

Electrical Issues
Your HVAC system relies heavily on electricity. If your lights flicker when your system turns on, these electrical issues need to be addressed by a professional to help spot and fix potential hazards. Do not attempt to do repairs yourself - have a qualified, trusted HVAC professional look into the problem.

Loud Noises
You will first need to find out if your furnace is running fine, and if the noises are coming from the furnace or the ductwork. Furnace noises happen when the pilot light is not properly adjusted, blower motor needs cleaning, lubrication or oiling, or belts and burner issues. Pinging, popping, rattling, squealing, grinding noises are all issues that something isn't right. A licensed HVAC professional should be called into assess. Early detection of these sounds may prevent a much larger repair bill down the road.

Rapid Cycling
If your furnace is turning on and off rapidly, there could be many causes. The first and most obvious causes is a clogged or dirty air filter. Its a quick fix that any homeowner is capable of doing. If that doesn't fix the issue, ask a qualified tech to inspect the blower motor and belts.

Smell Rotten Eggs
If you smell gas, leave your home immediately. Do not turn lights or appliances on or off. If your windows are open, leave them open. If you are able to open them quickly before you leave, do so. Do not use your phone in your hose, call once you are out. If your car is in the garage, leave it there. Go to your neighbours and call for emergency help.

Blowing Cold Air
Check the blower for debris, and if its a newer unit, check for green or red lights. If red, call for service. If there is no light, it could also be an issue with the thermostat, the blower, capacitor or control board. A qualified HVAC tech is always your best bet.

Pilot Light Colour
If the colour of your pilot flame isn't blue, and more yellow, it could be a combustion issue. Be aware of excess carbon monoxide - which can be deadly. Natural gas consists of methane, and when it burns it gives off a blue colour. If the colour is off, call a licensed HVAC tech. Condensation and soot can also cause burners to malfunction and may need to be cleaned time to time, or even replaced.

Sudden Loss of Heat
Sudden heat loss may or may not be an emergency. Before you call a HVAC tech, check your filter, thermostat or breaker panel. Once you have checked these 3 things, if the heat is still out, contact your local HVAC company for service.

Your home's heating system is one of the most important investments to your home there is. Your furnace provides comfort and warmth during the winter months and is a necessity. We encourage you to develop a strong partnership with an HVAC company that you can rely on in time of need. At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we are a family-owned business and treat our customers as an extended part of our family. We value each and every customer who calls us, and their health, safety and comfort is our number one priority.

For anything related to heating, cooling, hot water or electrical, you can reach us around the clock at (204) 953-5700 or online.

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