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The Most Common AC Problems

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  • The Most Common AC Problems

25 May

The Most Common AC Problems

Air conditioners play an important role in our homes. They keep us comfortable in the hot summer temps and keep our homes protected from excessive humidity levels. Repairs can be costly, so we recommend regular seasonal maintenance to ensure your investment is working to its fullest capabilities. Maintenance can prevent larger, surprise breakdowns. Here are some common AC problems, and some probably solutions.

Not Starting
First check to ensure your thermostat is turned on. Check for dead batteries, check that the proper heating.cooling mode is turned on, and check your circuit breaker. If everything checks out, then call your HVAC company.

No Cold Air
The easiest thing to check is your furnace filter. A clogged filter will block airflow, and can freeze up the condenser - limiting the power of your AC. Changing your filter regularly will help your AC disperse cold air more efficiently.

Outdoor Unit Freezing
Insufficient airflow, low outdoor temps, low coolant levels, blower motor issues and a stuck condenser are all things that can cause an outdoor unit to freeze up. Calling an HVAC company is the best thing to do under these circumstances.

Refrigerant Leak
Leaking coolant can cause temperature variations and prevent your unit from performing to its abilities. Low coolant can cause poor performance, high energy consumption, freezing coil, damaged compressor and uneven cooling. It is best to let a skilled HVAC tech tackle this problem.

Loud Noises
If your AC is making strange sounds, it could mean a lot of things. Hissing noises usually mean a coolant leak. Clicking sounds could be a relay problem. Thumping, banging or rattling is usually associated with a blower motor. Squealing is usually a fan motor. Buzzing is often an electrical issue. When your hear a strange noise, have an HVAC technician diagnose the problem.

Frozen Coil
Coil freeze-ups often occur when the AC does not receive sufficient airflow. Blocked vents, dirty ducts, clogged filter or faulty fan are all issues that effect airflow. If the coil freezes have a licensed HVAC tech do the repair.

Electronic Issues
Constant turning on and off will eventually wear out the condenser, compressor and blower motor. Have a technician determine if the problem is the parts or if it is simply a wiring or connection issue.

Outdoor Leakage
On a hot, humid day a little condensation is to be expected. However, large amounts of leakage can be caused by dirty filters, improper installation, a blocked drainage pipe, low coolant levels or a broken condensate pan. If the problem is beyond an easy filter or drainage pipe, have an HVAC tech figure this one out.

AC problems usually occur on the hottest, most humid days. It is important to have regular seasonal maintenance done on your cooling unit to help prevent surprise breakdowns when your need your AC the most. At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we are experts at fixing AC issues, and spotting many of them before they grow into much bigger issues. Have us perform an AC inspection for you today!

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