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Getting Your AC Ready for a Long Winter Nap

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  • Getting Your AC Ready for a Long Winter Nap

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Getting Your AC Ready for a Long Winter Nap

Our AC has worked hard all summer long - especially this year as we hit the record for number of days over 30 degrees celsius! Give it some love back by taking a few steps to prepare it for the long winter ahead. Doing so will provide a better chance of startup in the spring.

Clean Environment
Raking leaves, sticks and other debris from the area will help protect it over the next couple seasons. Ensuring the environment around your AC is tidy can nix possible problems from becoming one.

Thorough Cleaning
Giving your outdoor AC a spray will help get rid of dirt and debris that can clog up the components of your cooling unit. Turn off the outdoor power switch, then with a garden hose spray down the visible parts of the unit. Use low pressure to avoid causing damage to the thin coils.

Cover AC
After your AC is clear and cleaned, install an AC cover. Covers are a great tool to keep winter debris, ice and snow from damaging the unit. Just ensure there is some space at the bottom of the cover for moisture to escape so it doesn't collect and cause damage. Adding a bungee cord might be a good idea to secure the installation.

Adjust the Thermostat
Once its time to fire up the furnace, switch your thermostat from cool mode to heating mode. If you haven't already, ask us about installing a digital wifi thermostat that allows you to program temps around your schedule - which can save you on energy costs.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance
All mechanical things work best when they are cleaned and maintained. Having one of our technicians inspect your heating and cooling units annually goes a long way in the prevention of problems and prolongs the life of your entire HVAC system. Regular seasonal maintenance can end up saving you in the long run, and avoid surprise breakdowns.

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