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8 AC Myths That are Costing you Money

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  • 8 AC Myths That are Costing you Money

25 Apr

8 AC Myths That are Costing you Money

In our industry, we are privy to many myths when it comes to air conditioning. There are plenty of them, so we decided to compile some of the most common myths and reveal the misconceptions in order to help homeowners save their hard-earned money. Here are the top 8 most common AC myths we hear.

Myth: Your home will cool faster by turing the thermostat to a colder temp.
False. You could turn your thermostat to the coldest setting possible, however your AC will continue to run at a consistent pace. The closer the thermostat temp is to the outside temp, the more energy you will save. Set it to the desired indoor temp and wait for it to do the job.

Myth: Larger ACs get better results.
False. Bigger is not necessarily better. An AC with too large of a capacity will cause the compressor to turn on itself and run in more intervals than necessary. This will wear it out faster and shorten the life of the unit.

Myth: Turn off your AC when you are not home.
False. By turning your AC off while you are away on a hot summer day will cause it to work harder when you get home and turn it back on. To be the most efficient, simply raise the temp a couple degrees while you are away and turn it down a couple degrees when you return. This small change in temps will not cause excessive overworking of the AC and save on energy costs.

Myth: Air Filters are good for a year.
False. Air filters over a relatively quick time collect dust, dirt and particles causing reduced airflow which makes your AC run more often. By changing your air filter regularly, you are ensuring the best air quality possible, and saving money on energy efficiency.

Myth: Get all you can from your old AC before replacing it.
False. If you think you are saving money by squeezing every last ounce of air from your 20 year old unit, think again. Although a new AC can be a big investment, the higher efficiency of todays models will save you money through energy efficiency compared to the old unit. It is very possible that the new unit could pay for itself in reduced energy costs over its lifetime.

Myth: Fans will cool a room.
False. Fans do not have any effect on the actual temperature of air. By moving air in a room, fans only make it 'feel' cooler to people. It doesn't actually reduce air temps.

Myth: Close vents in unused rooms.
False. By closing vents in unused rooms, you are effecting the air distribution in your home which can cause pressure to build up in your ductwork. This makes your AC work hard than it has to. Reduced airflow will also have negative effects on the air quality of the room that get cut off.

Myth: Annual AC maintenance is a waste of money.
False. By conducting regular season maintenance on your AC unit, you are keeping the system operating at peak efficiency which will save you on energy bills. Regular maintenance can also spot small issues before they turn into much larger issues. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Although there are a lot of 'life hacks' that are quick and easy, we always suggest protecting the investment that is your AC. Your home's cooling system is there to keep you safe and comfortable all summer long. At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we are experts in the heating and cooling business. Our family owned HVAC company is dedicated to help your family receive the best air quality possible for the most reasonable rates. We'd love to be a part of your contractor contacts. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for a free, in-home, no-obligation sales quote.

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