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How Properly Functioning Air Conditioning Impacts our Health

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  • How Properly Functioning Air Conditioning Impacts our Health

25 Mar

How Properly Functioning Air Conditioning Impacts our Health

It's important for every home owner to know they have created the best, safest indoor environment possible. Air purity is top of mind these days as we all look for the best ways to ensure protection against pathogens, pollutants and bacteria. With warm weather on the way, one of the best ways to protect your indoor environment is with a properly functioning central air conditioning system.

The best, most important health benefit central air can give you is reducing high levels of indoor humidity. Homes with high summer humidity are a breeding ground for dust mites and mould as well as environments prone to causing dehydration and heat stroke. There are many ways to keep cool, but a properly functioning air conditioner is the best long term strategy.

Dirty air filters will often contain dust mites, allergens, pollutants and mould. For people with asthma, these are primary contributors to breathing issues and can often be the cause of asthma attacks. By keeping your filters clean, you are preventing the circulation of these pollutants throughout your home and reducing the chances of airborne toxins that contribute to health issues.

Central air conditioners do a fabulous job at reducing hot temps and humidity in the home during the warm weather. Hot homes without AC create environments where dehydration and heat stroke can be real possibilities during extreme heat waves. These health issues can be prevented by air conditioning. Cool air in your home will reduce your body temperature on those hot days.

Its no secret that insects and parasites thrive in warm, dark, humid places. By circulating cool air throughout your home, you are lessening the chance of creepy-crawlies invading your indoor living space.

Don't let those hot nights disrupt your sleep! When you are unable to achieve REM sleep, you will be tired, irritable and less productive the next day. Sleep is a key part of health, and the best way to get a good night sleep is by having an ideal indoor air temperature. A properly functioning AC will play a huge role in creating an environment just right for sleep.

Whether its dirty air, cleaning chemicals, trash in the can or dirty laundry, air conditioning helps indoor air circulation that prevents these odours from taking over. A properly functioning central air system can move these irritants out of your home, and leave your indoor area smelling better than it would without.

At the end of the day, having a properly working central air system can remedy a lot of issues that could all add up, little by little, before they become the root cause of health issues. At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we are experts in home cooling and can hook you up with the perfect air conditioning unit - one that will fit your home, lifestyle and budget.

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