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25 May

Home Humidity Levels and Comfortability

Much like temperature, indoor humidity levels that are too high or too low can have a physical impact on our life. In winter when humidity levels are low, we struggle with static, chapped lips, nosebleeds and staticky cloths. In the summer when humidity levels are high, it can be a breeding ground for...

Tag: Cooling
25 Apr

5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy Costs this Summer

Energy consumption occurs as much in the summer as it does in the winter. We can overlook the use of energy during the summer months when it comes to more laundry, charging devices, AC use and so on. By really paying attention to our habits, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%...

Tag: Cooling
25 Mar

Striking a Balance between Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

There are generally two trains of thought when we consider our indoor climates - air quality and energy efficiency. Both are important, but balance is needed. With new homes built seemly airtight, allowing for max efficiency, the trade off becomes...

Tag: Clean Air