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25 Apr

The Benefits of Financing a New AC

Central air conditioners are a big investment to our homes. They provide comfort, safety and value to our property. Choosing to upgrade to a new AC is a decision that has a big financial impact. It might be your chance to look into financing to see how you can benefit from a new cooling unit...

Tag: General HVAC
25 Mar

Top 5 Reported Furnace Problems

Our furnace is responsible for keeping us both safe and comfortable during those long, cold winter months. It is a job we put a lot of trust into. When our furnace breaks down or under performs, it can be quite the nuisance. It is important to have a trusted HVAC company on speed dial for when a problem arises...

Tag: Heating
25 Feb

Why is my Furnace Making a Loud Banging Noise?

Does your furnace make a large banging noise when it fires up? There are several things that may cause a loud banging sound, but the most common cause is something called delayed ignition. Here are a few things to know about delayed ignition and what to do if you experience it...

Tag: Heating
25 Jan

Why is my Furnace Leaking Water?

There are many reasons why a furnace might be leaking water. Newer furnaces will naturally produce water. However, if it seems like an unusual amount, it might be good to investigate further. Water can damage a home and cause significant problems, so we compiled a list of why a furnace may leak...

Tag: Heating